Reformatting a Notebook using Flash Drive

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Good day experts,

I just received a hand me down notebook from my friend and I wanted to reformat it, but the problem is the notebook doesn't have a CD drive to insert the OS CD on it.
Does anyone know how to reformat notebooks just using a Flash Drive?
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Reformatting a Notebook using Flash Drive


I suppose that you want to install any OS on your notebook as you haven’t specified which particular one you want to install. I will just explain you how to install Windows 7 in your notebook as that is way too easy to do too.

In order to install Windows 7 through a USB you should have following things with yourself:

1. An .iso image of Windows 7.

2. A at least 8 GB USB flash drive.

3. WINDOWS 7 USB/DVD tool which you can get by clicking here:

4. A separate computer/desktop/notebook either of these which you will need for making the USB bootable.

[Note: Incase if you do not have any .iso image of Windows 7 with yourself then you must get it which you can easily find at].

Once you download the WINDOWS 7 USB/DVD tool, what you have to do is open it. Then locate the .ISO image from your computer. After doing so, plug-in your USB into your computer and move forward. The WINDOWS 7 USB/DVD tool will start to copy the contents of Windows 7 from the .iso image to your flash drive. Once it is done, take out the USB.

Then plug-in this USB into the notebook(on which you want to install Windows 7). Turn the notebook on and boot the USB by selecting USB as your boot device. The USB would get booted and installation of Windows 7 would be started which you can take further by following the instructions on screen.

Best of luck.

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