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I have a question and request the reason for this particular error faced by me and my sisters.

We have been trying to download a game (CSS) from a gaming server. As the file is 1.2 GB, it takes something like 1.3 hours to be completely downloaded.

We tried to installed the file after the download complete menu, but on win 7 it says that the application is NOT win32 application. And on the other system is states Redundancy error.

We are not sure what the reason is for this. We had asked the CSS server admin, and were simply informed that the setup file is OK.

We requested our friend to download the same file from the same server, and he informed us that the installation went perfect. As this friend is in another city, it is not possible to ask him to send us this file.

Can somebody inform us the reason of this issue?


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You have downloaded an incompatible program. The file that you have downloaded is not really broken since the site’s admin informed you that the setup file is ok.

I think it is also an online game because its size is close to Cabal’s setup file which is 1.5 GB and yours is 1.2 GB. If that game is an MMORPG or Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game then you can rest assure that it is really working because the site itself maintains the file’s health and regularly updates its component files.

If your Windows 7 reports that it is not a valid Win32 application after trying to install it, it means that the game is a 64-bit application and requires 64-bit operating systems and your system is not compatible with it because you are using a 32-bit Windows 7.

You have only 2 choices, first, is whether to upgrade your operating system to 64-bit to be able to install the game or second, ask the website if they have a version of the game that is compatible with 32-bit operating systems.

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