How to correctly find a specific topic in Google?

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As I have mentioned above, I did not find my desired topic in Google. Is there any way that I can get proper solution?
Please tell me about it.
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How to correctly find a specific topic in Google?

Well, it must be the problem in the way that you search through the Google search engine. There are so many techniques to refine what you exactly needed. This will save time, type less and search smarter.
There are basic facts to consider when you search through the Google:
Every word you typed makes into action. They are case insensitive.
  • Use Google instant.
When you type in the searching area, it will automatically show the other popular searches relevant to what you just typed. It means that Google is predicting what you're typing.
  • Use "<search>"

Double quotes around your search text will affect the exact order and full content of your search query. This is called as a phrase search. Use this technique when you exactly know the phrase you are looking for. If not, you will miss the related searches.

  • Use <search> site: <web site>
If you want to limit your search query to a specific web site, use this technique. Also you can use the top level domain name such as <.gov> <.com> <.org> in the <web site>
  • Use – <word>
Minus sign with a space before a word means that you do not want the pages containing those words appear in your result set. Remember to use a space, because sometimes you will need the minus as a hyphen mark (anti-virus). Also you can use this technique to exclude the sites by using the above technique.
  • Use *<word> / <word>* / <word>*<word>
* Wildcard will act as a placeholder for any unknown terms. 
Or else you can use the advanced search option button in the search button. Use this to refine more and more of your result set, because it can filter by language, file type… etc.. After you click the search button, use the left side panel to filter it more.
There are important features in Google search that I would like to write down. Surely you would like to try.
Weather <popular city> : Displays simple weather forecast.
Time <popular city> : Displays time.
<Mathematical expression>= : Displays answer for the math question.
<Unit amount> <unit type> in <unit type> : unit conversion or currency conversion.
Hope you now got the tips and tricks of searching. Keep searching and good luck.
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How to correctly find a specific topic in Google?


How to make a search?

  • There are many easy ways to search through The most obvious way is to type the topic in the space provided just below the big Google Icon. Below this space is two buttons saying "Google Search" and "I'm Feeling Lucky". 
  • If you are using Google Chrome as your internet browser, you can just type the topic on the space provided for the site URL and hit "enter". That is the space at the top most part of the program right below the tabs. Doing this will automatically lead you to the list of websites such that you do not have the "I'm Feeling Lucky" option.

What is "Google Search"?

  • If you choose "Google Search", click the first button below the space provided for the search topic. You will then be provided with a list of websites that offers information or are related to the topic that you typed. These websites are listed according to popularity or number of recent viewers. So if you are looking for either a rare topic that only few people are interested or articles and files that have been posted long ago, then you have to check further through the list. 
  • Since there are possibly thousands of websites that are related to any single topic, Google only shows 10 websites per page so that the search will be fast. If as I mentioned earlier, you need to check not so popular sites, then you need to go to the next page of the list. Of course, it is advisable to check the first 10 sites first before doing so. You can never be sure how popular any topic could be. To check the next 10 on the list, you must go to the bottom of the page where you can see the word "GOOGLE" with numerous yellow letter O's instead of just two. Below each O is a number which indicates the set of ten websites. You may notice that one of these O's is colored red. This red O indicates which set of website you are currently viewing. You may also opt to just click the two arrows namely "Previous" and "Next" situated before and after the word "Google", respectively, to navigate through the list.

What does the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button do?

  • Now, If you don't want to bother checking the list of websites, you may choose to click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. This option will lead you directly to the website which is first on the list of related websites. Again, IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE LIST, DO NOT CLICK THIS BUTTON. This button leads you to a single website so there is still probability that you won't find what you are looking for. If you accidentally clicked this button, just go back to the previous page and pick "Google Search".

How can I narrow down my search?

  • If you want to narrow down your searches into, for example, just an image, audio or video files, there are options at the top most part of the site, just below the space provided for the URL. You can just click any of these options and then type your search topic or vice versa. If you are already in the page showing the list of websites, you can also see these options at the right side of the page.
  • If you still want to narrow down your search even more, you can click the "Advanced Search" link either beside or below the space provided for the search topic. This option can let you set the specificity of the search. The search could be as specific as up to the exact arrangement of the words you typed or as vague as only one of the words you typed is considered.
  • Advanced Search also gives the option of filtering the words that come along with the topic you typed. For example, you would like to search for people with the name "Barbie" and don't want websites about Barbie the Doll or Toy or Character, you can set that in the Advanced Search.
  • There are many other parameters about your search that you can set in the Advanced Search such as Language and File type. You can also narrow down your search on a single site through this. For example, you want to search a topic only on

I hope, I have been of help and that you find the topic you are searching for! Please continue visiting

Have a nice day.

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