Receipt Amount exceeds autoquote help

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while using auto quote I am getting the following error message while using the receipt features can someone tell me what is this message enforcing me to do?

Receipt amount exceeds amount allocated to invoices Overpayments in foreign currencies are not allowed. You must issue a debit note (and a credit note if desired) for this customer

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Receipt Amount exceeds autoquote help


Dear Wallace Browning,

You are having problems because the receipt amount exceeds the amount allocated to invoices.

Receive an advance payment from the client (foreign currency) and deposit it into a bank account, and you can use an Invoice-Receipt .


Create an account, a Client Deposit; Current Liabilities account.


Create a sales invoice for the USD Customer, like an amount of USD 20,000.00 at an exchange rate of 1SGD : 0.9 USD; this account is a client deposit account.

On the other hand, if the customer doesn’t need an invoice, it will be an internal reference.

You have to enter your base currency in amount received.

Then you have to issue a debit or credit note for your customer.

Thank you,

Lesliez Mark

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