DxO Optics Pro 6.6 gives an error when processing a photo twice

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Hello Experts,

I recently downloaded the DxO Optics Pro and was able successfully install it and use it. And I am very happy with the outcome. However, I face a problem when attempting to process a photo twice. I am not allowed to rename the saved file inside DxO Optics Pro. Instead I get an error message that says the previously processed file will be overwritten. Why is it so? I now try to rename the firstly processed file before attempting to process it a second time. This I don’t find a convenient thing to do. Please can anyone suggest an alternative method to fix this problem? Regards

The file 20100624_1913_DxO.TIF will be overwritten

File: 20100624_1913_DxO.TIF

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DxO Optics Pro 6.6 gives an error when processing a photo twice


I don’t think renaming the file from within the application is such a good idea. Because there may come a time when after renaming the file, since the file is still opened on the workspace because you will be processing it for the second time, it is possible that it may still point to the newly renamed file. And when you process it the second time, it will surely overwrite the renamed file.

Another workaround you can try is copying the file and renaming the second file with a different name. To do this, open first the photo with Optics Pro and then process it for the first time. When it is finished, save the file. After that, open Finder and navigate to the location where the photo is saved. Copy the photo and then either paste it on the same folder or to a different folder.

Next, rename the second file to have a different name from the original file. Go back to Optics Pro and process your photo for the second time and then save it. If you are prompted that the file will be overwritten, just click Overwrite so the original file will now have the result of the second processing. And you’re done. The copied file has the first processing and the original file bears the second processing.

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