Reappearance of folders that were deleted

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There is a user in my company who recently upgraded into a new computer with an OS of Windows 7. The "My Documents" folder of her computer is linked to the private folder on a drive in a shared network. Recently, the folders and files she had deleted from the My Documents folder keep on reappearing; either within the same day or the next day ahead, but regardless of the date, the thing is they keep on reappearing.

She mentioned that most probably it has something to do with the libraries in Windows 7, though I am not sure.

What can we do to stop these from reappearing?

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Reappearance of folders that were deleted


This can be due to various reasons. First of all make sure you have installed a very good antivirus on your system and it too is working efficiently. The possible reasons that can be causing this problem are:

1.       You don’t have sufficient privileges to delete those files and folders. Does it give any error while deleting?

2.       Secondly your system is virus infected and that virus is re-creating the files and folders that you delete.

3.       Check on your running services/processes and stop all of the un-wanted or malicious processes and services on your computer and try deleting the folders and files again.

This might solve your problem. If it doesn’t then your windows is malfunctioning and should consider re-installing it.

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