RAM compatible with processor for max output info

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I am using core i-7 processor and in order to use it as it's maximum potential I need to know the ram size that will help to get the maximum out of it. So far I have known the right amount of ram size will help it perform to its fullest. Kindly someone help in this issue.

Alec Hughes

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RAM compatible with processor for max output info


Hi Alec Hughes,

Intel Core i7 processors are already beasts in computing itself, but combined with the right hardware, you will surely bring your computer to the extreme. Now, all it takes to know the needed requirements to maximize the output of your core i7 processor is through looking its specifications.
Anyway, since you have already known the max memory size, take a look again at the specifications of your Intel Core i7 processor, and try to know also the maximum memory frequency it can support and the number of memory channel it supports. Mostly, it supports triple-memory channel, and some supports quadruple-memory channel.
You should consider the number of memory channel it supports, and its maximum memory size when buying the number of ram sticks, and its ram memory per size. Divide the maximum memory size supported by your core i7 processor to the number of memory channel it supports.
So for example: (your maximum memory size is 24 GB, and it supports triple-memory channel).
24 GB/3=8 GB so it means per stick of ram it can support up to 8 GB, then for maximum output, buy 3 sticks of 8 GB.
Going back to the memory frequency, I suggest you buy the ram considering the frequencies supported by your core i7. If your core i7 supports 1066 MHz, then buy a ram with that frequency because if you buy a ram which is faster than that like 1333 MHz, then it will be down clocked to 10066 MHz. Just buy a ram considering the specifications of your CPU and of course, your motherboard.
>>Mathew Joni<<

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