Quick review on Process Explorer software

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Dear Techyv Friends,

I have heard about "Process Explorer" software that will display the processes happening and the program running on the PC along with memory consumed for each is displayed.

Please do let me know about the quick review on where to download and how to use it.


Janice Emond

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Quick review on Process Explorer software



You can download Process Explorer online from a number of sites that are trusted such as https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/process-explorer,

Or the Process Explorer site itself.

You can use this tool to show you which DLLs and handles have loaded and which ones have opened. From their site, you can get more tutorial on what more you can use this tool to do.

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Quick review on Process Explorer software


I’m not sure if you still need to download a program that is capable of displaying the different processes running in the background of the system. Microsoft Windows is already integrated with a kind of tool where you can see the different files, programs, and services that are running behind you. It is the Windows Task Manager which you can always activate by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC or alternatively by CTRL + ALT + DELETE.

These are the different processes running in the background and are viewable using the Windows Task Manager.

But if you still want to download a third-party program that can display different processes of the operating system, then you can try Process Explorer v15.40. It supports Windows XP and later editions while in server edition it supports Windows Server 2003 and later all include IA64. It can display the information like which DLLs and handles processes are presently open and loaded. To download, visit TechNet – Windows Sysinternals | Process Explorer v15.40. Watch also the video “How to use Process Explorer to see what processes are doing | video by TechyV” to learn how to use.


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