Quick Books encountered unrecoverable error

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A pleasant feeling at all, I am sharing here a problem that I encountered while using QuickBooks, this problem started when my computer was not properly shut down due to a power breakdown, after the power was restored and I am back with my work using QuickBooks, an error came about, an error message will appear on my screen, I pasted below the screenshot.

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QuickBooks – Unrecoverable Error

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Before the power failure happens I don’t have a problem using QuickBooks, when I read on the error message, I follow its instruction and fill-up the necessary field on the error message and restarted my computer, after doing so, same error message appeared when I run QuickBooks, please share some solutions on this problem, thanks.

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Quick Books encountered unrecoverable error


Hi good day in this kind of issue due to the power failure and some of the files of this program are corrupted. There are 5 steps to be followed. Please visit this site for more information: https://community.intuit.com/quickbooks-desktop

  • If it is not working? You I uninstall the QuickBooks. And make a new installation of QuickBooks.
  • To uninstalling the old version >>>> click start menu >>> control panel >>> click add and remove program >>> find QuickBooks icon click on it >>>> click remove> >>> when you finish removing all QuickBooks program >>> restart your computer >>> after restart >>>> Start new installation process of QuickBooks.

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Quick Books encountered unrecoverable error

  • This is a common issue among computer users when a power failure occurred. Running programs when a power failure takes place might cause your programs to be corrupt. In the worse case, the operating system itself might develop some problems due to program files that are running and not properly released by its handles.
  • You can perform the check disk in an attempt to recover lost or corrupted files due to power failure. Uninstalling and reinstalling the application wont help because there are pieces of files that is written in the registry so make sure after uninstalling you have to run Registry Cleaner programs which can be downloaded in the internet.
  • You may also try to run the installation set up again without uninstalling. Find the installation set up and then install. This will give you two choices if available. It could be repair or remove; chose the repair instead so the application will recopy essential files needed to run the program.
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Quick Books encountered unrecoverable error


Since this problem only happens when you are doing the tasks simultaneously [doing the import task while you are still viewing one report], why not try downloading the IF Import Kit so you will have better results and to save time as well.

The kit includes a PDF file that contains the best practices about importing of IF files and its most common pitfalls.

The kit to download is in a ZIP file so you need to have WinZip or any other file extractor to extract the contents of the zip file.

To know more about importing of Intuit Interchange Format [.IF] files and or to download the IF Import Kit, you may visit here.

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