Questions about Anti deep freeze from computer

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I have some questions about Anti Deep Freeze from the computer which I want you all to answer and kindly share more information about anti deep freeze. Following are the questions.

Do I need an antivirus solution if I have anti deep freeze ?

Is deep freeze the same as imaging software ?

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Questions about Anti deep freeze from computer



You do not need to install separate antivirus package as Deep Freeze has an antivirus solution running alongside. The anti Deep Freeze do take care of Malwares attacks, it also protects your system from Zero Day and target attacks. It tackles unauthorized changes made to the system and removes threat on rebooting the system.


No Deep Freeze is not an Imaging Software. Basically optimized for pushing changes to a larger number of systems and requires some kind of scheduling action or throwing a switching action to start the imaging process. You get your system in original state after reboot, with the exact configuration with which the Deep Freeze was configured.

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