Can’t Install Spore Game. Newly Purchased CD

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Just a while ago I purchased the game Spore from a local games store. But when I tried to install it, it didn't work. Is there any possible way to get another serial key, if I can certify that I purchased the game? I do not want to go back to the store to have it replaced, maybe a picture of me holding up my Spore disk would suffice to be given another serial key?

Thanks .

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Can’t Install Spore Game. Newly Purchased CD


Is the game not installing properly the problem is it that the game is not accepting the serial keys that came with it? In case you are not able to install the game application properly then there will not be a need to get another serial key for you will need to replace the whole application. But if the game is installing properly and the problem comes when you are inserting the serial key, then there might be an issue with how you are inserting the serial key:

  • You may be leaving out some keys.
  • Check that you are not confusing numbers with letters.
  • And also check that the CAPS lock is not on for the serial key may be case sensitive.

-Expert techyv


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