Question Regarding Scanner Terminology (STEP RATE)

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What is meant by the "step-rate" of a scanner? How do I tell if my scanner uses dual or triple conversion. What does "SMR" mean in call book lists ?  What are birdies ?

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Question Regarding Scanner Terminology (STEP RATE)


1)What is meant by the "step rate" of a scanner?

This is the role of the "step rate" of the scanner. The step rate would be equivalent to 0.0125 (12.5 Khz)

2) How do I tell if my scanner uses dual or triple conversion?

Check out the number of IF Frequencies. Double-change scanners have just 2 IF frequencies; triple-transformation scanners have 3 IF frequencies.

3) What does "SMR" mean in call book lists?

"SMR" shows a Service Maintenance Repeater. Radio administrators should be a part of that club to transmit to that repeater.

4) What are Birdies?

Birdies are frequencies your scanner utilizes when it works. The proposed working frequencies may meddle with shows on the same frequencies. Since you customize one of the aforementioned frequencies, you will catch just uproar on that recurrence. In the event that the obstruction is not severe, you may have the ability to turn up the squelch to cut out the birdie.

 You can also check for birdies in the scanner by the following steps:

1. Evacuate the reception apparatus.

2. Turn the scanner on and set up a cutoff hunt down all groups on the scanner.

3. Make sure that the scanner is disconnected from plausible indicator roots for example a PC, different transceivers, and whatnot.

4. Record the frequencies where the output stops or discovers a constant clamor indicator. These are the birdies.


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