Query about a new repackaged Winstar Router

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Hello to everyone. Does anyone knows or has the same similar issues which can help me resolve my problem? This is the situation:

I bought a new wireless router, a repackaged Winstar from Monoprice which I got from this site:


I am taking risk at it since it is just a repackaged product with no instructions included. I will use it as a bridge to connect it to my Linksys WRT54GL which runs on a Tomato 1.28. I also purchased two 9dBi antenna extenders to attach it to the Winstar wireless router and because there are no instructions or manuals included on the package, I needed help from Monoprice Technical Support Group and they helped me so I was able to set it up as an Ethernet Bridge. From this, I saw no noticeable differences in its wireless connection strength for my three small bedrooms at home with concrete walls between the two routers. Honestly speaking, I do not think wireless bridging is enabled but maybe I could have been mistaken. I want to use my newly bought router without having it to send it back and buy a new one from Linksys. Thank you and much help will be in support.

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Query about a new repackaged Winstar Router


Hello Earl Shore,

You are saying that you bought a Winstar router so as to bridge it as to connect to your Linksys router right? I think the problem as to why you are not getting a stronger signal is because the router is just meant to bridge the connection between itself, the other router and the computer and therefore it will not affect the signal strength in any way if it is of the same settings as the Linksys router. For instance, if the winstar router is designed to offer 3G internet same as the Linksys router, then I bet all of them will offer the same internet connection speeds.

So the solution that I will suggest in this situation is to obtain a router that has fast speeds, and you may choose to sell the two of them and obtain one faster router which will serve you to satisfaction.


Clair Charles


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