PTGui error when creating hdr panorama

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Ptgui is one of the panorama maker and have lots of cool features too like the hdr but whenever I try to click on the Link HDR it is always giving me this error, images are loaded and sorted correctly. Please help me on this! Thanks!


PTGui Pro

No HDR exposure sets found.

To use this function, the images in the project should have a repeating exposure bracketing sequence.

The exposure times should follow a repeating sequence, for example 1/25, 1/100, 1/400, 1/25, 1/100, 1/400, etc.

When taking bracketed images, be sure to set the camera in manual mode (the 'M' mode on the camera dial). If bracketed exposure are taken in automatic exposure mode (commonly named 'P', 'Av' or 'Tv' modes), the camera will adjust the exposure times between shots. The resulting images are note suitable for creating HDR panoramas in PTGui.

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PTGui error when creating hdr panorama


Hello Jaycelin,

It is possible that PTGui only checks the EV values, and therefore you will need to ensure that there are an equal number of different EV values. The images should be ordered correctly, for instance the images that are in brackets should be placed next to each other. You can order the images that way by going to the Images Menu and then choosing sort.

You can as well link the images manually using the "Link HDR Bracketed Exposures" command. In the event that you have the images in brackets, you will need to leave the "Link" checkbox of the first image in a bracketed set  unchecked, and then check all the others images that are available in the set.




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