PSP and its use for online games

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Is there anyone who can guide me if the PSP is usable for online games? 

Also can anyone recommend me a good game?


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PSP and its use for online games


It is more than likely moving in order to become usually the latest racing games, like Split Second, Mod Nation Racers, Test Drive Unlimited 2, etc.

The game SOCOM Fire Team Bravo 3 must still get an established the public also. Earlier Sony PSP games basically established ad-hoc multi-player, as well as good number of on-line multiplayer games except for leading FPS franchises can be isolated, in case it shut down, in just a year or two of launch. Medal of honour Heroes 1 and 2 tend to be the only PSP FPS remaining online that I know, however, previous I looked at these products ended up being overpopulated through online intruders. You can still check out though. In case you don't mind TPS, SOCOM Fire Team Bravo 3 and Resistance Retribution continued up and operating and the two were extremely wonderful.

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PSP and its use for online games


Hello Graham,


There are a lot of online games which can be used or play through PSP or Portable Play Station. Below are the lists:

  1. Socom 1 and 2 online battle
  2. Medal of honour 1 and 2
  3. Syphon Filter Logans Shadow
  4. Syphon Filter Comabt Ops
  5. Monster Hunter Freedom 2
  6. Killzone Liberation
  7. Metal Gear
  8. Super Mario Brothers 3
  9. Genesis Mortal Comabt
  10. Tekken DR

You can chose any of those. It depends on what type of game you want. Adventure, arcade and more. I tried all of those games and they are all fantastic. I recommend you to try all of them. I hope it helps.



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PSP and its use for online games


Hi Graham,


Yes, it is possible to use your PSP in playing online games, all you have to do is to follow these steps:

1. On your psp go to settings and then click network settings.

2. After clicking network settings, select the Infrastructure Mode and then press the button that is marked X.

3. Select the New connection button and press the x button.

4. Now that you are in the wlan settings all you have to do is to highlight the word Scan and press the button which points to the right. after doing this, your psp will automatically search for an available access points that is near to you.

5. After your psp finds the access points available all you have to do is to select which access point you wanted to use and then click the x button.

6. If you have already chosen an access point, you can either change the SSID or you can simply hit the button pointing to the right to keep your chosen SSID and continue with the process.

7. When the access point has been set. you have to choose the type of security that you wanted to use.

8. Hit the x button and enter the WPA key using the keyboard on you screen.

9. After entering the WPA key the Address Settings will appear on your screen. Select Easy.

10. Enter your desired name for your connection, and then press the x button.

11. Check the recap of your settings to make sure that every information that you have entered are correct.

12. Hit the X button in order for your setting to be saved.


For the most commonly used online games, please refer to this site:

PSP Online Games – PlayStation Forum

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