SIRI Application languages and use

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Hi Friends,

Does the Apple Siri speak several languages? 

For what do you think did Apple created this application?


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SIRI Application languages and use


Hi Gosanko,

Here is a link from Apple about Siri.

Well Siri is a Beta application, meaning it is still in continuous progress. For now only English is supported, but who knows, like what Apple is saying that its still a Beta app, I'm pretty sure in the long run they will make it to support different languages.

Apple created this app for the sole reason of convenience. Its more of hands free convenience.

Common you don't have to type using both hands to create a text message, how simple is that. I'm sure that Apple knows exactly what the market wants thus they have had created this app.


Hope this helps,

Tony Starks

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SIRI Application languages and use


Besides speaking Standard English, Siri can speak and understand several other languages. Here is the complete list of the languages supported by Siri:

  • France – French
  • United States – English and Spanish
  • Mexico – Spanish
  • China – Mandarin
  • United Kingdom – English
  • Japan – Japanese
  • Australia – English
  • Italy – Italian
  • Germany – German
  • Taiwan – Mandarin
  • Canada – English and Canadian French
  • Hong Kong – Cantonese
  • Korea – Korean
  • Spain – Spanish
  • Switzerland – Italian, French, and German

Siri can be enabled in any country and you can also make it speak the language it supports. This iPhone personal assistant is designed to understand the specific dialects and accents of the supported languages and the accuracy would be high for native speakers. Siri is also available to blind as well as visually impaired users. This is through VoiceOver. It is a screen reader integrated with the iOS operating system that can speak any text displayed on the screen.

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