PS3 but it suddenly froze and kicked me off the game

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I was playing a game online with my PS3 but it suddenly froze and kicked me off the game. I power cycled my router and the PS3 but can't get the connection back. I was told that I need to get the NAT opened. How do I do that?

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PS3 but it suddenly froze and kicked me off the game


Hi, to open your NAT you got to do following steps:

* First you got to find your PS3 ip address which you would require later. For that first of all on you ps3 go to Connection settings===>network settings===>internet connection settings===>click Ok. Now in it will show "select setting mode" select "custom" and after that you got to select your connection method. Once you select your connection select "auto detect" after that in ip address settings select "manual". Now this will show your ip address write it down  you'll need it later, now click right it will show MTU enter" automatic "then proxy server press "do no use"  and Upnp enter "enable". Now press enter to save settings and it will check the connection, once completed press back.


*Now go to your pc or laptop and open internet explorer and in the address bar enter your router's ip address that would be: or and press the enter button it will ask for user name and password. Enter user name: admin, password: password . Now enter ok, on the left corner of your screen from the list find out WAN set up and open it. After this check the Default DMZ server box and type the ip address of your ps3 there which you've already noted and click on Apply.

There you are that'll open your NAT.


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