Error: Windows Cannot Connect to the Domain

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For few users we are getting error like

Windows cannot connect to the domain, either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailable, or because your computer account was not found.

Waiting for your reply.

Cheers, Bipin

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Error: Windows Cannot Connect to the Domain


Here's what I suggest, login with the Ethernet cable detached after a fresh restart.

Then Plug in the Ethernet cable after login. Put the computer on a workgroup by right-clicking on My Computer > Choosing the Computer Name Tab > Click on change

Choose workgroup radio button > Typing in HOME and then put in the user id and pass in the window that pops then click okay on the next 2 windows that popup.

Then immediately go back to the windows and put the user back on the domain as usual. Click the domain radio button. > typed in the domain > In the box that comes up put in the username and password.

Then I rebooted the computer and this should work. Let me know how it goes else can check on alternative methods.

Also if this does not work give me the client OS details with Active directory version.

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Error: Windows Cannot Connect to the Domain


Hello Mr. Bipin Bihari,

You will get your problem solved by testing few things. As in networks you know there could be multiple reasons against an issue and need to be diagnosed and troubleshoot carefully.

1. Check the switch or connecting device/cable through which that particular group of users is connected

2. Give IP address of domain server instead of domain name if it connects problem is with DNS

3. Verify that accounts are enabled on domain controller where they were created.

4. Check IP address scheme on both sides.

Problem is expectedly resolved.

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Error: Windows Cannot Connect to the Domain


Mr. Bipin Bihari,

If you've recent  rebuilt your  PC the old name might still be cached on the network, rename it or access the Windows NT server and remove the old computer name manually and try  it again. If this does not work for you, remove the machine from the domain,delete the computer name from active directory(if it's there)DHCP and DNS.

Once you've removed it you can add it back to the domain and it shouldn't have any other problems.

Domain  not disabled by the administrator you can log on using a domain user account if you disconnect the network cable from the computer. it will only work for an account that has successfully logged to that computer in the past.

When the error is caused by computer account password mismatch, you must double reboot the computer then you will be out of this situation completely if you apply this simple steps.


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Error: Windows Cannot Connect to the Domain



solution one

it is possible that the username and password are incorrect, or the domain name is also different, this happens when someone else uses the terminal. Then you the original user tends to enter the password without checking the username or domain, which often happens because this cases rarely happens specially if no one uses your terminal.

solution two

double check your network connection, the physical cable connected to your terminal, the connection from your computer to the network hub ( if you have access to it) .

it is possible that in some companies, the DNS server which provides network & internet connection is different from the Domain server which provides access to the user profiles provided to you.

That is all

Thank you,

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