Provide comparison of i-mobile phones with other smart phones

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Hi, This imobile phones are getting my attentions especially those special features of it and the affordable price but I am still in doubt if it is worthy to use like other brand of phones nationwide. Can someone give a detailed comparison of i-mobile phones with other smart phones? Thanks a lot.

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Provide comparison of i-mobile phones with other smart phones


Hey Ann,

Below is the comparison between i-mobile phones and other smart phones.


Software:  i-phone doesn’t allow third party software their software must be either released or approved by apple for them to work on i-phone while other smartphones will allow the use of third party programs.

Interface: I-phones use touch screen interface only while other smartphones offer non-touch screen interface like keyboard.

Company: i-phone is exclusively through Apple while other smartphones can be purchased from a variety of companies such as Nokia and Blackberry.

App access: i-phone has the largest and most diverse app store while that of other smartphones is growing and is open to third party developers.

Screen size: The screen size of the i-phone is smaller than that of other smartphones

Cost: i-phones are more expensive than other smartphones.


They are both smartphones.

They are both powerful, e.g you can play 3D games in both.

Thank you.

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