Protect your home PC from a hack attack.

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What is hacking? What is cracking? Between hacking and cracking which once is done with a malicious intent only? What are some common network hacking techniques? What would you do to secure your home network after a hack? How would you develop a strategy to protect your home PC from a hack attack?

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Protect your home PC from a hack attack.


Hacking means having expertise in machine code as well as computer operating system while cracking refers to accessing password protected codes and flies. Almost, crackers have malicious, but all hackers don't have malicious intents. There are some following techniques through hacking can be done.

1) Attacking Defaults

2) SQL injection attacks

 3) Exploiting unmatched services.

 Through following steps you can secure your system through hacking.

1) Isolate your system and Quarantine

2) Setting your Router to default system and configurations

3) Get a different IP address

4) Disinfect your system

5) Develop and protect multi layered defenses

6) Patching and updating.


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