Filtering web traffic by Free Hide IP

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I’m looking for a web tool for filtering web traffic and have come to know about Free Hide IP How fake IP address is assigned and how much secured is this tool?

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Filtering web traffic by Free Hide IP


Free Hide IP is certified online security software which protects you from intruders, enables anonymous internet surfing and help to protect your privacy. Free Hide IP is also helpful to see any banned sites, blogs, forums or other blocked websites that restricted you and get through some of the web traffic filtering tools.

This is very easy to use software.  Just install it, run it and click on Hide IP button and there you go, it’s done. Free Hide IP works only with Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox. This program works by sifting your web traffic over a proxy server and assigning a fake IP address. The free version of the software only gives you US IP address. It is pretty safe software to use.

There are many similar alternative soft wares you can use.  

Auto Hide IP

Hotspot Shield

Mask Surf Pro


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Filtering web traffic by Free Hide IP


The program makes your connection secure by literally hiding your real IP address. It passes your connection through a proxy server and then down to your destination website. The proxy server is where your real IP address is replaced by fake IP address to hide your identity on the internet as you browse different websites. This is a good tool for websites that are blocked by your country.


This is not only good for surfing websites but when sending emails as well. Free Hide IP also hides your real IP address in email headers when sending emails from web-based mail systems such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others. If your real IP address was blocked or banned by websites, this program can help you get access again with the help of fake IPs.

Go to Free Hide IP to download the latest, Free Hide IP It supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 both 32-bit and 64-bit. The site doesn’t specifically state a trial period for the trial version but it does work with few limitations.

Aside from Free Hide IP, you can also download two other great tools: the Free Clear Cookies and the Free Clear History. Go to Free Hide IP Download Products to download these two other tools. Free Hide IP also includes extensions or add-ons for the Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers.

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