Property windows happen to be very tiny with midget like objects

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Our SBS (2008) Box operating on exchange 2007 to be specific 8.3Build83.6 is experiencing some problems.
This problem is that its property windows happen to be very tiny with midget like objects.
We have tried to solve this by removing the Admins account and logging in but the problem is still prevailing.
Any ideas on what the problem is? How we can fix this?
Any help is appreciated.
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Property windows happen to be very tiny with midget like objects



Before I going to present some expert opinion to resolve your problem it should aware that you have uninstalled certain programs like SharePoint, or in the Exchange problem install SQL Server Management Studio Express among other programs as well at the 'midget windows' in Exchange problem.

You may try the following expert opinion to resolve your problem:

Some windows are tiny and it’s fine towards the server properties. To verify the issues you have tried to change another screen monitor could be rearranged or not. Also make sure that settings of the windows style and theme didn’t change.

User’s properties, Wilbur A Adams haven’t displayed the Alias and to verify whether the issues still remained or not recreate a new user in the EMC. At the same time, to compare the attributes between the Wilbur A Adams and Accounts, go into the ADSI Edit.

Click (right) on the user’s properties; right click the mailbox’s properties after create filter to search the user’s mailbox.

To verify the attributes of the users, in the Exchange Management Shell run the following commands:

Get-Mailbox -Identity <User’s email address> |FL

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