Application of Neurotechnology SDK for database search

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Hi there, I hope you could help me out on some concerns I currently have.

One of our customers utilizes a lot of VeriFinger 6.0 licenses which are set up on 500 PCs in 100 divisions around the state. They integrated software that assist them to watch over IT infrastructure and these people wish to utilize it to generate a database of activated matcher/extractor serial numbers associated to specific PC. They have got a spread sheet with matcher/extractor serial numbers and would like to verify if correct licenses are used on specific PCs. I’m wondering if it will be possible to decode matcher/extractor serial numbers through either id files or license files obtained from “Neurotechnology” utilizing any of SDK application.


Irises Identification Technology Sample    
Extraction error. Operation is not activated.   

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Application of Neurotechnology SDK for database search


Hi Isabella, your error here is easy to solve;what you  need to do is reinstall the software and restart your machine since the main problem is with a file or part of the system which has not been activated.

The main thing you need to do here as the solution is to uninstall then reinstall the software.

Ensure all files in the temp folder are deleted to completely uninstall the software.

You can then delete some keys of the software also in the registry by going to; HKEY_CURRENT_USER_SoftwareIris and deleting all the files there

Reinstall the program and try rerunning it.

It should work


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