Programming Language Used in Creating Speaking Robot Voice

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Hi guys,

I want to know more about speaking robot voice. What is the programming language used on the creation of robot speaking devices. I am very interested on the history and the beginning of robots and also include the one who invented the first one.

Expecting some help, thank you.

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Programming Language Used in Creating Speaking Robot Voice


Hi Martha,

First version of 350 B.C. robots was mechanical birds invented by Archytas of Tarentum.  At 200 B.C., water clocks were invented by a physicist named Ctesibus of Alexandria. At 1945, Leonardo DaVinci invented “Leonardo/s robot” which is an entertainer for royalties which are made of armor knights suits. Electronic Autonomous Robot is the first robot created in Bristol, England by William Grey Walter in 1948. George Devol invented the first programmable and digital robot named as Unimate. At 1997, International Space Station (ISS) has its first node and placed in orbit. In 2000, Honda Publicize the humanoid ASIMO robot. There is no common programming language for a robot voice (hears in cartoons) because a real robot not virtually uses a human like voices. There are plenty of programs/software to be used like Audacity Software, used to record and edit sounds including voices. There you can edit your voice to hear look like a robot.

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