Problem when I use TNSNAMES.ORA file to connect with database

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I'm a bit confused with TNSNAMES.ORA file. When I was connecting my database from my client location(UK) with service name "utv015"(as it is in tnsnames.ora), it was working fine. But when I try to connect to the same database with same service name and setting from India, it is not connecting even within the same client network. However If I change the tnsnames.ora file to reflect the service name to "utv015, = ( blaa..bla…)" (only the service name not other information) and connect the database with service name "", it is responding. I am just wondering what is happening here as this name is simply an alias.

What is the impact of this service name?


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Problem when I use TNSNAMES.ORA file to connect with database


Hi There,

To answer your queries regarding the Impact, there is NO Impact or whatsoever since you confirm that the connection is still responding . The "" is just a service name that defines a link to a remote server to your (Host = <hostname>). Please see picture below.

If you try to make configuration alteration on the server ($ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora) please make certain you can connect to the database throughout the listener if you are logged on to the server. If you build configuration changes on the user in India (c:oracleproduct10.2.0db_1networkadmintnsnames.ora) again, ensure you can connect from your client workstation to the database through the listener in succession on the server. Try to TNSping <addressname>, this is the proper command line for TNSPING. If you can connect with ease, there is nothing you need to worry about.




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