Problem in upgrading Microsoft Sharepoint

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I want to upgrade my Sharepoint office 2007 to Sharepoint designer 2010. It is to mention that I use a shared server with installed front page extensions.

Though I built it using Sharepoint office 2007, but when editing with Sharepoint designer 2010, it shows an error message which is shown here:

Why is this fallacy? Should I use a Windows server to solve the problem?

If, yes, then what should be the provider?

Any help will be gracefully accepted.


Microsoft SharePoint Designer does not support editing non-SharePoint sites.

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Problem in upgrading Microsoft Sharepoint



Hi there,

Unfortunately in typical Microsoft fashion it is practically impossible to edit any websites or page extension designed with Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 by Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010.

The only way to mitigate the problem is to upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 SP1 otherwise you have no choice but to edit the web pages and web extensions with Microsoft SharePoint 2007. This happened because whoever was responsible for the development for Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 made the decision that SharePoint 2010 would not support SharePoint 2007 sites or extensions.

I hope I answered your question, sorry I couldn’t provide a definitive solution.

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