Problem on setting up a new password on Lotus Notes

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Good Day,

I have tried to set up a new password on Lotus Notes. I’ve started with eight characters since it is the minimum required for a password, but it always getting an error. This message is always prompting: “The password is insufficiently complex. Add more characters or varied characters." Can you give me any suggestions to prevent this kind of problem?

Thank you.

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Problem on setting up a new password on Lotus Notes


Hi Jerald,

Part of Lotus Notes program is security that's the reason it required to be little complex. Have you tried an alphanumeric characters or a combination of letters and numbers? There are many issues on manipulating the internet and atm, if you read the news this is now the issue because the intruders now has a program that can search there database like a dictionary if your password is just a simple character example "password" or "123456" it will be guarantee to be manipulated. Lotus Notes has this security features which they anticipate the future of intruders. So, change your password to alphanumeric character and i'm sure it will work and this is for your own security in the future.




Tony Stevenson

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