Problem removing pendrive from laptop

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Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

The device 'Generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try to stop the device again later.

This happens every time i try to removed my pendrive.

Please help.


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Problem removing pendrive from laptop


This error occurs when you have an application which is running from your pen drive or may be some other file or document is opened from your pen drive.

When you are removing you drive. In short some file on your drive is use by some other program on that computer. So you should close all such files or applications and try removing the drive.

In case it doesn’t work then see the following section. It happens sometimes that you have no application running from your pen drive or any file opened in your knowledge but still when you try to remove the pen drive it show this error message shown above.

In such case you can use a free application called Unlocker which will help you to remove your drive from your windows. This is an explorer extension that allows you with simple right-click of the mouse on a file, folder or pen drive to get rid of error message like you have mentioned above.

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Problem removing pendrive from laptop



That message will come if you try to remove a pendrive while it's still active. There are several reason your pendrive is still active:

1. An open application that's currently accessing a file in your pendrive. Have you close all visible applications from your computer? A word processor maybe?

2. Try to close it from the bottom right corner side of your screen, not from Windows Explorer. In fact, if your Windows Explorer is still running, exit it. Then right click on the little green removable disk icon and click remove drive.

3. If, after the above steps you still get the message, I'm afraid your computer could be infected with virus. The virus is actively accessing the files in your pendrive so that it's still active. Get an antivirus and make sure the virus definition is up to date. Scan your computer and I hope they can catch some.

Hope it fixes it 😉

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Problem removing pendrive from laptop

Maybe your pen drive is infected with virus. Virus like autorun.inf in your system, windows and pen drive. It infects your files  in your pen drive. And when you double-click that files it will be executed and the virus files will be copied in your pen drive. And to disable autorun to your pen drive. Follow this steps:
1. Go to Start
2. Click Run
3. Type "gpedit.msc" without quote
4. Browse "Administrative template"
5. Go to "System"
6. Click "Turn-off Outplay"
7. Enable
8 .Click "Setting"
9. Select "All drive"
10. Then OK
After than first scan your pen drive for double-check. To know if your pen drive is still infected or ok to use. 

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