Problem regarding Active X controls

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I was using MSN Messenger today & I wanted to play a game with a friend. A message appeared on screen saying please verify that you can allow Active X controls & then re-launch.

I went to Tool & Internet Options and searched around in there thinking it might be my settings.

But the problem stays.

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Problem regarding Active X controls


Dear Vettori,

I read your question on the techyv forum and thought that, I might share some information that would help your query. Firstly I would like to tell you what “Active X” is. Active X is a set of instructions which are not programmed in Windows OS. Active X therefore is an independent set of commands which are directly performed by the web browser.

Here are some steps with attached snapshots, which would be helpful to you in order to activate your “Active X”

Step 1: Open your web browser.

Step 2: Go to “settings” and in the drop down menu, go to “internet options”.

Step 3: In internet options go “security” and then “custom level”, as shown in the picture.

Step 4:  A new drop down menu will appear. After this scroll down and find the active x settings and enable the following options:

1) Run active X control and plug-ins,

2) Script Active X controls marked safe for scripting.

Step 5: After enabling the following options click “ok” and apply the settings.

Step 6: Restart your browser.

google to activate ActiveX settings and internet option tab in browser security tab in internet option security settings to run Active X
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Problem regarding Active X controls


If you need to run a page which contain some Java application then you first need to install the java program to make it available on your PC. Basically Active X controls define the types of the program that how a program will run and in your case it require that you need to install a java program to make it available.

As it controls the activity on the webpage you need to work on and that's the reason that you are not getting your result. Once you have download the latest version of your java then it will work fine on your PC. As when ever you need to play a java application then it must require to install java components in your PC so that it work fine on your PC.

Java is a program which defines that how a sequence of step will go through and how it is being played ad once you install that program then you will be able to play your game or to browse you web.

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