Problem in the Power Supply System

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I need your advice to fix up the power supply system of my desktop PC. I was enjoying a game and suddenly everything hangs up and it shuts down. After then it is happening everyday and without showing any kind of message or warning power supply stops. If I try to restart the PC immediately after shutting down, power shows up for couple of seconds and it stops again. I need to wait at least 15-20 minutes to resume the normal service. I am not getting any kind of weird sound or beep from the power supply. What do you think? Please give me a reply.

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Problem in the Power Supply System



Your question is very interesting. And I am willing to share some of my idea in order for you to know the basic information about power supply and what do you need to do in order for your power supply to become long lasting.

What is Power Supply?

  • Power Supply is a device that gives electrical power to your devices to one or more electric loads. This is commonly applied into the devices that convert one to another electrical energy some example of this are machines, chemical, solar to Electrical energy.
  • A power supply also is a standalone device or just like a integral device that has hardwired in load. These are some device that using a standalone devices. Computers and Household electronics.

Regarding to your problem about your power supply but first may I ask you a question.

  1. How many hours you use your computer at home?
  2. How many months you use your computer? Is it in Year of just a Month

If you use your computer everyday without giving your computer a time to rest maybe in this case your computer experiencing over use status. It means that you use your computer everyday and you are running in a High resolution game. Or maybe you encounter some blackouts in your home and you didn’t remove the wire of your computer. This problem can also cause breaking your power supply and also your system. In order to avoid this problems this are the list of steps to guide you.

  1. You need to shut down your computer properly
  2. You need to set a schedule for your computer to rest.
  3. Do not over use your computer.
  4. Know the schedule of Blackouts in your city or village so that you know what do.
  5. If you encounter blackouts in your home make sure you remove the wire into the outlet.
  6. Make sure that the power supply you are running is compatible with the hardware that you are using. And also the program you are running.

I hope these guidelines will give you some learning’s about the power supply problems. if you have more questions regarding to these problems please don't hesitate to ask i am willing to help you and to give you more idea about hardware problems.

Thank you


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Problem in the Power Supply System


In my thinking it is a purely hardware problem and not a software problem, now why it happens and where your problem is located we will see that. Let’s start with your power cables you have to check them it they are causing some problems then replace them or repair them. After this now check you power supply FAN is it working properly, because this problem often comes when fan is not working properly it makes the system hot and thus cause for a shutdown so see it on your first importance. Also check that your power supply is rust free and it has no dust in it.

After that also check your Motherboard, is it free of errors and is perfectly working. If you are not a hardware expert then you can go to your near shop for PC's and ask him to do that.

Power supply contains a lot of such parts that requires to not be heated up and a normal temperate is required for them to work properly. May be one of these parts are causing problem and not working properly. So if your can check them check them all.

Hope you will like my views.


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