Replacing Power Supply on Compaq PC

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I am trying to replace the power supply on my brother's computer. he is a toddler/kid and the computer is nothing fancy, its actually my wife's old Compaq pre-built.

Anyways, the power supply is shot and I was going to replace it but didn't want to spend more than $50 on it.

The specs of the current one (per the label):


+5V – 25A
+12v – 8A
+5vsb – 1A
+3.3v – 14A
-12v – .8A
-5v – .5A

Can I replace this power supply with one such as THERMALTAKE TR2 600W or Muscle Power True Power 500W ?

Which is better?

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Replacing Power Supply on Compaq PC


As you are going to replace power supply for your computer, then that will be best to use THERMALTAKE TR2 600W than Muscle True 500W.

Because, THERMALTAKE TR2 has a popularity and Has extra cooling system.

Have a reputation of long Longevity .

So, ThermalTake Tr2 600W will be best to use. But rate will be average $69 .

Thank you.

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Replacing Power Supply on Compaq PC


Dear  Achmad Fauzi, your current label PSU indicates that it is a 300W PSU.
As such it is ok to use a THERMALTAKE TR2 600W or Muscle Power True Power 500W as both have superior capacity compared to the original.

The better is the THERMALTAKE TR2 600W as it will work with a superior margin, but  the other one is more than enough for your brother's computer.

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Replacing Power Supply on Compaq PC


If you want to replace the power supply of your old computer, any power supply will do. The higher the wattage rating, the better. The voltage rating you indicated printed on your old power supply is the same with all computer power supplies. Those are the standard voltage settings and requirements of a standard desktop computer.

When you use a power supply that has a much higher wattage rating, it guarantees it can supply more power to your machine. This is good and offers some additional headroom in case you want to add additional external devices. There is one myth about power supply which says that a power supply with a higher wattage rating necessarily consume more power.

Unfortunately, this is not true. All power supplies are the same regardless of their wattage rating. The power supply’s wattage rating indicates the maximum amount of power the unit can provide to your system and not the amount of power it consumes from the outlet.

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