Battery aging with less Back-up and time.

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Hi friends,

My Laptop battery does not meet expected life.

I have purchased a Laptop 10 months ago. My laptop came along with 6 cell battery, which initially gave me approximately two and half – 3 hours back up time as promised by the Manufacturer. It has now started giving me about 1 hour back up time. The battery icon shows 80% – 85% charged and 2-3 hour backup time. But in reality, it hardly gives me about 1 hour back up.

Pleas provide me any solution. My system is still under warranty, but manufacturer refused battery replacement stating it’s a consumable commodity and does not get covered under warranty.


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Battery aging with less Back-up and time.


Here is the solution for your problem 

You can use software to check your battery status it shows the fully details for the battery as well as it also shows the temperature of different parts in a Laptop. This software is easy to install and is free available on the web. The name of the software is "Batterycare" it will help to solve your problem. Also see that when you plug the laptop a beep comes from the laptop if it is working then your battery is fully functional. Although Try to solve your problem with these suggestions:

First shutdown your laptop

See where the battery of your laptop is located

Remove the cover of battery or if it is just lock unlock it first any screw can be removed with a screw driver.

Put out the battery of your laptop. And keep it out for one minute. Clean the contacts if you can.

Then simply place back it to your laptop in such a way you remove it. 

This will solve the problem you are facing.

Also see the wires of your adaptor rather they are damaged or have any kind of fault. 

You can also take these steps to boost battery life:

First of all reduce the brightness of your laptop screen. It will consume less power.

Secondly detach all such devices that are not in use during working on laptop battery.

Disconnect all such network devices that are not in use.

There are two types of batteries and they work on their conditions, types are

NiMH batteries: it works 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

LiION batteries: works from 2.0 to 3.0 hours.

So check your battery type also.

If problem still remains, then dear you have to change your battery.

Ok that's it.

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Battery aging with less Back-up and time.


This is a kind of problem I faced myself early. But not to worry there is a solution which will help your battery to regain its lost health. The solution may sound funny but really it is worth trying. First you need to is drain your battery to 0. Then detach your battery from your laptop now put it on a refrigerator trust me its a proven solution. Put it on the refrigerator for at least 12 hrs. Then take the battery out of the refrigerator and keep it detaches from the laptop until it reaches room temperature. When it is in room temperature put it back on the laptop and charge it until it is fully recharged. It will regain its original health.

Thank you

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