A problem occurred while creating file

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 On my vista machine, every time I try to click OK after I have keyed in my registration data an error comes up.” a problem occurred while creating this file”. Who knows what might be happening? Please help.

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A problem occurred while creating file


Could you please elaborate what type of files you are trying to save? I am supposing that you are talking about any type of file that whenever you click OK to save it the message appears. This means that you don't have enough administrative access.

  1. There are few times when you have no access to write anything in your C drive even if you are the only user of the computer. There is a UAC feature called the User Access Control that must be set in order to do this.
  2. Write the UAC in start search bar. Open the first result in the search. Lower down the level to the lowest.
  3. In your user accounts, give your account administration privileges instead of normal user.
  4. Always run the program by doing the Run as Administrator and it will not happen again.

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