Problem with my virus scanner, can someone help?

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I've got a small problem on my home computer. When I was scanning my computer for viruses, the computer sometimes stops working, like everything freezes. Then I have to restart the computer and  try to scan again. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I"ve re-installed the virusprogram but still I got the problem. What do I do?

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Problem with my virus scanner, can someone help?



Thanks for informing about this problem. About hearing this problem I think your problem is in your PC hardware because if you use high level of Antivirus you need 1GB RAM and 1ghz processor . If you have this requirement then I am telling you that you must change / reinstall your windows . If you can't do , you can use another trick.You can put out your hard disk then take that and install it on another PC which is having a powerful Antivirus  like as Norton, Kaspersky (but this slows down your PC). I think best is to use Norton . Before scanning this Antivirus must be updated. After that you can install a tune up software like as tune up utilities that can make  your pc faster . This problem is caused by a virus so you can take this solution.

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Problem with my virus scanner, can someone help?


There can be many problems in your computer for this reason. As may be you are trying to install more then one Antivirus program at a time and it is infecting your computer. Also it is possible that some virus is infecting your system and that's the reason that you are getting problem in your computer in both of cases you can try these things to solve your problem.

  • First of all update your antivirus program form network on regular basis.
  • You need to check for any virus in your system and make sure that some virus is not infecting your system.
  • Make sure that you are using a valid copy of antivirus program.
  • Purchase a copy of antivirus program because it more helps in finding bugs and virus.
  • Only install one antivirus program at a time.
  • Make sure that your hardware is working properly.
  • Make a window scan disk by going to START and then to RUN and type CMD when a new window is opened now type chkdsk and press enter. It will check your disk and make it error free.

Once you go through these steps you will be able to solve your problem.

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