Problem with Mozilla firefox version 3.6.13………………..

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I have the processor of Intel core 2.6.When i use Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13 version,it create some problem.


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Problem with Mozilla firefox version 3.6.13………………..


You have not specified your problem of Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13 version.What are the problem Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13 version creates you?Different problem may be occurred for different reasons. It may be for your firewall or antivirus setting. So check your security settings.

You may run your Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13 version in safe mode. I think this will solve your problem.But why you did not upgrade to newer and more compatible version of Mozilla Firefox?

Please download a newest and upgraded copy of Mozilla Firefox. Then install this new Mozilla Firefox browser with admin rights.

Thank you for your question.

I think you have solve your problem.

Have a good luck.

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Problem with Mozilla firefox version 3.6.13………………..

I’ve also used Mozilla Firefox before for several years until I stopped using it just about a couple of months before the end of 2012. I experienced poor browsing speed even with a simple website that doesn’t load much images. It consumes too much time loading a single page that’s why I shifted to a different web browser. 
And with the version you indicated it seems that you are trying to use a very old version of Mozilla Firefox and I think that’s the main reason why it doesn’t start right every time you use it on your machine. You are using a fast processor and I think your old Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13 is having a bad time with your Intel Core 2.6 because of its speed.
I still have the oldest version of Mozilla Firefox, the very first one I used, version 3.6 but I’m not sure if it is the same version as with yours. I’m not sure if it’s still ok but you are using a 3-year-old web browser because the version 3.6 that I have was released around January of 2010 and that’s already 3 years ago.
I think if you want to use Mozilla Firefox, you better download the latest version, 18.0.2, from 
Mozilla Firefox Free Download . Uninstall your Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13, restart your computer when asked and then install Mozilla Firefox 18.0.2.

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