Problem with the LAN Connection

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I have selected “Obtain IP address automatically” in TCP/IP properties of Network Connection. After some time Internet doesn’t work & while checking the Local Area Connection’s support tab, there is in IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway which resolves after restarting the PC.

Surprisingly text with the repair button shows “Windows did not detect problems with this connection. If you cannot connect, click Repair.”

What possibly could be the reason and how to eradicate this problem?

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Problem with the LAN Connection



there is a problem with your Internet connection because, there is a problem in your main LAN hub device and also a problem in your IP address, where you connect.  So please check the IP address of your location and enter the location IP address.  When you enter the IP address, you must click on the network connection and open it.  After that, right click on the network connection and click the properties of it.  Now go to Internet protocol and enter the IP address of your location, where you can connect it.

This may solve your problem … And also check your net cable and main router also, may be there is a problem of router configuration.


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