Procedures and Information on Setting Up Ethernet LAN for Small Office

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I need to setup Ethernet LAN which I will use on my small office that has 10 users. It should be connected to my computer or office workstation to my Internet Service Provider Access Point on the vendor's network.

I need the procedure for setting up DSL under the DSLAM vendors like Lucent and then explain it. And also, I need an explanation on cables, wireless connections and LAN and how they function generally. Please describe home or office connections and the overview of the networks.

Thanks in advance.

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Procedures and Information on Setting Up Ethernet LAN for Small Office



Dear User,

It is not as easy as you think. It is some complicated thing but not impossible.

For LAN setup you have need some protocols or accessories.

  • STP or UTP Cable, which you have to use as medium between computers.
  • Switch HUB, it will use as a central point.

Now you have to connect all computers with this HUB with cable. When you will connect cable to computers, they will start searching for network.

Now you have to give a proper name to your network and other settings off network.

Right click on my computer icon and chose properties. Then select computer name.

Change the name of computer and assign a name to network.

You have to run this setup to on each computer one by one. And restart all the computers.

Give IP addresses to all computers as you desire.

IP Address will be in this shape.

192.168.XXX.XXX, this XXX is editable, you can add here only numbers.

I hope it will be helpful for you.


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