Problem with IP address(dhcp issue)

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There is some problem with my IP address. first i got an error that hardware is not Microsoft digital signature. It says your computer is unable to  automatically configure IP parameters for the network card  with the network address 000C6EFA9E84.

Please help me out.

Thank you

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Problem with IP address(dhcp issue)


In order to configure your IP address, you must need first to properly install your network card. This will handle your computer’s inbound and outbound connections. If your network card is already installed as well as its driver, uninstall its driver from the Device Manager.

After doing that, shutdown your computer and then unplug it from the power outlet. Open the CPU case then remove the network card from the slot. Wipe the copper part that connects to the slot with a clean cloth. If you have a pencil eraser, rub the eraser to the copper part of the card.

Do it on both sides then finish it with a clean cloth. Attach the network card again on the slot and then start the computer. See if Windows will detect a new hardware and then proceed with the installation when asked.

If you received a pop up message informing you that the driver you are installing is not digitally signed by Microsoft, just ignore it. Proceed with the installation by clicking Continue anyway.

After the network card has been installed, follow these:

  1. Click Start then Control Panel.
  2. Click Network and Internet Connections then Network Connections.

Select an available connection like in the example below. Right-click it then select Properties.

Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) then click Properties.

 Under General tab, select Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically and then click OK all through out .


Try connecting again now that it is already configured.

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Problem with IP address(dhcp issue)



You need to give static IP to your computer. For this purpose go to network adapter properties, and then click on IPv4 or IPv6 and then click on properties. And then give the static IP.

I hope your problem will be solved. If not then use the software to solve your issue. I recommend “Veronisoft Get IP and Host 1.4.8” software. This works great. It is very simple and handy to use. Free version available easily when you search on Google.

Good Luck!

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Problem with IP address(dhcp issue)


Hello dear,

It seems that your network card is not compatible with DHCP service, so that is creating issues. In your case, I suggest you use a static or fixed IP address for your system. It will be better for you.

Go to Control Panel and open Network Settings. Choose TCP/IP installation, and click on Properties. Then, click on the radio button, and use the following IP address.

Type a suitable IP address here like and check the subnet mask box. It will assign a subnet mask automatically. Then, apply your settings and restart your computer to save these settings and implement them.

I hope this helps it run better.



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