Problem with installing MS Office 2010

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Hello All,

Microsoft Office 2010 and its programs can't be found in my new account which has been created on Windows 7 Home Premium.

But problem is whenever I try to install it, a message comes up “The language of this installation package is not supported by your system. ”

How can I solve this?

Thank you

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Problem with installing MS Office 2010


There are many causes for this error

Cause 1:  Are you trying to install an East Asian version of the product (like Japanese or Thai)?

Then this error is quite possible if your system does not have necessary supplemental language support. This normally occurs if the OS is Windows 2003 / Windows XP.


1.  Click Start, click Run, type intl.cpl in the Open box, and then click OK. 
2.  Click the Languages tab. 
3.  Under Supplemental language support, click to select the following:

Install files for East Asian languages check box
Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages check box

Click OK.

4.  When you are prompted, insert the Windows Server 2003 CD into the computer's CD drive or DVD drive. Or, specify the network location where the files are located. 
5.  Click OK. 
6.  When you are prompted, restart the computer.

Cause 2: If you have the source file in .ISO or .IMG format, the method of extracting the setup files from the source files may result the issue. 

For example, if you download MOSS 2007 Language Packs, they are available in .IMG format.  With Virtual PC 2007 or using some third party software, it is possible to view all the files inside the .IMG file.

Sometimes, the utilities that you use may not be able to extract the files correctly and that may result the failure. For example, sometimes ISOBuster may not be able to get the files correctly even though no errors are displayed by it.


Re-extract the setup files from the source files. Try with a different utility/tool to extract the source file.

Cause 3: If you have the source file in .exe format, the method of extracting the setup files from the source files may result the issue.

For example, if you use Winzip or 7Zip to extract WSS 3.0 language pack (which is .exe file), then you may encounter this issue.


Do not use any extracting utility like Winzip or 7zip – As a self extracting .exe file, it is possible to run the setup directly by double clicking it.

If you want to customize some of the files that are present inside the .exe file, first try this method:

1. Click Start > Run
2. Drag and drop the .exe file to the Run window
3. Add these words after the path name displayed in the Run window: /?

For example: C:DownloadsVisioSetup.exe /?

4. As a self extracting file, it may have the options defined and it may display a window with possible options

[like /q: quiet installation mode

/extract:<drive>folder To extract the files ]

Kindly refer – Description of the command-line switches that are supported by a software installation package, an update package, or a hotfix package that was created by using Microsoft Self-Extractor for more information on this.

5. If you get above said options, click OK button on the window which shows the options so that it will disappear. Then you can try these steps:

a. In Start > Run, drag and drop the executable file
b. At the end of it, add this parameter: /extract:<path>. Then click Ok to extract the files to the <path>

For example, entering/extract:C:Visio will put the setup files in the folder C:Visio [Note: There is NO SPACE between /extract: and C:]

c. Get into the folder and run the required setup file [normally setup.exe]

d. Instead, if you want to run the installation without extracting the files and you do see /quiet option, go with that one by entering the following and clicking Ok button in Start > Run:

<Executable file name with path> /quiet

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Problem with installing MS Office 2010


Hello Victor

For more information about Problem with installing MS Office 2010 visit this Techyv post, there you will get huge information about this issue as well will be helpful too.

Unable to complete Office 2010 Installation

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