Problem with html coding Mac

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I have a 12 inch MacBook and this is my first time to write HTML code on mac. I thought html coding mac is as easy as writing HTML code using a regular notepad application. I used this TextEdit application in Mac to write my code, but my problem is that, I could not find a way to save this file into HTML format.

I can save it in .rtf format just fine, but what I need is to save it in HTML format so I can view it in a webpage locally. Do I need to install an HTML editor application or is there any built in HTML editor for Mac users?

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Problem with html coding Mac


Mac saving files as rtf by its default? If so, it won't let you save as HTML. To save as HTML. You need to go to the format menu and choose "make plain text". Also, go to the preferences and choose in the upper left, under New Document Attributes, "Plain Text" as opposed to "Rich Text". Then, you can save as HTML.

I hope it will save as HTML.


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Problem with html coding Mac


Configure your TextEdit this way:

1. Using TextEdit, click Preference from the menu.

2. Tick Plain Text button under New Document Format.

3. On the right side, under Saving, deselect "Append '.txt' extension to plain text files".  This will not force your file to be saved as ".txt".  Make sure that this button is not checked.

4.  Click the checkbox "Ignore rick text commands in HTML files" under Rich text processing.

Before proceeding on working with your HTML code, make sure to uncheck "Wrap to Page".

Hope this helps.

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