Problem in creating a partition at the disk

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I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my Lenovo Z460 machine. The total disk space on the laptop is of 500GB. I partitioned the disk and I got 2 primary partitions and 2 logical drives plus an unallocated space of 104GB. I want to create a new partition with this unallocated space, but I am unable to do it, as this message appears:

“Cannot create a new partition, the disk already contain maximum number of partitions”

Would anyone please help me with some advice?

Thank you in advance! 

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Problem in creating a partition at the disk


This is a weird feature of windows 7 that it doesn't allow you to create more than 4 partitions no matter how many of them are logical or primary partitions. But there is a trick to do so. I will try to help you out by telling a step by step mode so that you can follow it easily. Hope it helps.

  1. First of all, you will need to convert that hard disk which has 4 partitions (in case if you have more than 1 HDD in your laptop) to dynamic before creating more or extra partitions than these ones.
  2. In order to do these within Disk Management use the following steps
  3. Right click on the Disk 0.
  4. This is basically the grey area that shows the total size your hard disk.
  5. Select 'Convert to Dynamic Disk'.
  6. After you are finished with these steps and successfully converted it to a dynamic disk then you will be able to go and create the new simple partition with your 104GB left space.

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