RAM and Graphics card problem

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Hello there!

Please help me…

I run a test something like Windows Experience, and it seems RAM and Graphics card lack something. The rating for RAM is 4.8 and Graphics is 5.6 rest of all are 5.9. I have doubt that north bride is reducing the performance.

Any idea????


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RAM and Graphics card problem


Hallo Hunt,

I do not think your computer has a problem, and for the record 4.8 windows experience for the RAM shows that the computer is in good order and therefore it can carry out processes at a very fast speed without stalling. It is only that the rating is done depending on the capability of the device, how big it is and at which level it is going to impact the performance of the system. For instance if you have a RAM of 6 GB, the windows experience rating will more compared to a 4 GB memory but that does not necessarily mean the computer is going to be slow.

They are just numbers, and as long as the system is working properly you do not have to worry.


Mahesh Babu

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RAM and Graphics card problem


How much memory do you exactly have right now? A grade of 4.8 is not a bad grade. If you would like to raised the grade further, then you need to add more memory to your computer.

Max out the motherboard’s supported capacity may be a good idea. But it may not be practical, especially if its maximum supported memory is about 16 GB. That much memory is rarely used.

Try and use your computer and run your usually used programs simultaneously then open the CPU/Memory meter gadget. See if they go up to 100% or not. If they just reach about 50% (especially the memory as the CPU would usually go back to below 10% if there’s not much activity), then the amount of memory that you have is fine.

Adding more memory won’t be beneficial and will just add to your costs.

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