Printer issue with 2 OS in the network

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Hello good day,

 I run a business and have a couple of computers at the office. I have 5 computers on a network, all are running Mac OS X 10.6 and a laptop which runs windows 7 all in the same network. I installed an HP C7280. It prints from my WIndows 7 computer, but it doesn't print from all of my Mac computers. My Mac computers can see the printer, when they try to print it shows on the queue, but it gets stuck.

I also have a B&W Epson printer that never had any problem for a couple of years, and now it's not printing as well since I installed the HP printer. I have already check the ip addresses, re-installed the drivers both on pc and mac. My router is a Mac Airport and everything is wireless. I tried to change the connection to wired but still doesn't change anything. The 2 printers are connected to a hub which is wired going to my router.

I got no error message when trying to print, it only say "printing.." but nothing happens. I also tried to restart everything (router, modem and hub). The printer works fine because it can copy and print a self test page but none of my Mac computer can printer from the 2 printers plus my pc can printer from the Hp printer only but not on the B&W Epson but it prints very slow. Is there any issues on Mac and pc computers all in one network for printing? Any ideas is very much appreciated.


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Printer issue with 2 OS in the network



I have read your printer printing problem, now you need to test another way after that you can ensure that what problem there , just plug your printer to the Mac Computer without network in single Mac PC

And try to print If not work then you should recover your error of Mac computer with update from internet or you can setup a fresh copy of Mac OS on your Mac PC and try to print when You will success to print form Mac PC without Network, then test network connection ,

if network connection is ok then try to print from network Mac PC, May it will be work.


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Printer issue with 2 OS in the network


I came up with 2 different solution for this problem

 The first solution is:

  1. Configure the C7280 wireless connection on a different static IP
  2. Do not configure any machine for the new IP
  3. Make sure the C7280 wired connection was disabled


  • Actually, the C7280 only has a G radio so choose channel 1, 6 or 11 on the G side of the router.

So, Please check your Mac Airport and set channel 6

The second solution is:

  1. Connect the C7280 to the LAN via wire
  2. Configure the wired connection on a different static IP
  3. Do not configure any machine for the new IP
  4. Disable the wireless adapter in the printer

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