Different sizes of items in the menu using TMPGEnc DVD author

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Hi guys,

I am using TMPGEnc DVD author 3 for a week now, but I am experiencing some problems. My first problem is that the size of all the items in the menu is not the same. One item appears to be bigger than the other, although all the images are from a single video file.

I cannot change the size of the source. I have tried a lot of solutions, but none of them worked. I tried applying a new template and then also recreated the files in a different location, but still, the sizes of all the images do not match. You can all see it in the screenshot I have attached below:

Cannot change the size of the source

When I try to burn a DVD for the above items, I get to see the following screen:

No stream available. (error code 0x80048001)

TMPGEnc DVD Author 3

No stream available. (error code 0x80048001)


I have successfully been using this software to build up DVDs before and never faced any trouble. I don’t know what went wrong this time. Can anyone help me out please?

I'm really worried what to do, as I have not found a solution yet.

Waiting for your feedback.


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Different sizes of items in the menu using TMPGEnc DVD author


That’s odd, three [3] of the four [4] images in the screenshot are of the same sizes and only one [1] is different which is much larger than the three [3]. I also create DVD discs before when I was still experimenting with the video editing program I have and I also encounter that same part of the application where you create and arrange the chapters of the DVD disc. The images that appear in the menu as chapters were also from the same video contained in the disc. The thumbnails were generated automatically although you can change what image is displayed in the thumbnails, their size is fix and can’t be resized.

Try double clicking one of the thumbnails or maybe just select or double click the much larger image or thumbnail and see if you can change the displayed image. Maybe its size will change after changing the image.

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