Primary disc drive not found

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I was using window xp professional service pack 2 in my system from the last year.

I have upgraded it now to service pack 3. After Installation I have rebooted the system.

From now on it is not detecting the primary disc drive. Hard disc is okay I have checked it in the other system, and also another hard disc in my system it is working properly. But as I connect the first hard disc system show an error. Primary hard disc not found.

Any one can help me resolving this issue, Please guide

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Primary disc drive not found


I had experienced that same problem of yours (Primary drive not detected). What I did is I connected my primary hard disk on the secondary IDE as for my case because I use IDE type of hard disk. If you are using SATA Hard Drive then plug it on another slot and try to open again your computer and see if it detects you Hard Drive.

It is very odd that after you upgraded your service pack 2 to 3; your computer cannot detect it anymore and yet if you setup different hard disk on your computer it was easily detected.

Another way to solve that issue is to use another IDE or SATA cable because probably your cable might be malfunctioning so have it replaced just to make sure. And make sure you properly connected the hard disc on the IDE/SATA slot.

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Primary disc drive not found


Hello Moazamali,

What type is your hard drive? Because if it an IDE then you could have configured the jumpers wrongly. You may have connected the hard drive jumpers to the DVD drive or the floppy drive, and therefore you will need to do a thorough check and connect the jumpers properly. Also check the cable connecting the hard drive to the motherboard and ensure that it is not disconnected or hanging.

Go to computer management and then disk management on your computer and see if you can see the drive from there.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu

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Primary disc drive not found


If your hard drive cannot be detected in the BIOS POST screen but the drive can be detected in another computer, the problem is with the internal connection or the cables connecting the hard drive to the motherboard. There are two cables connecting the hard drive to the system: first, the ribbon cable or the data cable and second, the power supply cable.

If one of these two cables disconnects or not working, the hard drive won’t be detected and will disappear from the system. If that drive is where the system drive or drive C is residing, you won’t be able to boot your computer. To troubleshoot the connection, connect the hard drive back to the CPU. Connect the ribbon cable or data cable to the drive.

For the power supply, select one of the available power supply cable to connect to the hard drive. Once both cables are connected, turn on the CPU then press DEL, DELETE, or F2 to go to the BIOS. Go to the drive management section and detect the hard drive. If the drive still can’t be detected, turn off the CPU then change the power supply cable.

Use all available power supply cable as needed until the drive is detected. If the problem continues, try using a different ribbon cable. The problem might be with the ribbon cable and not with the power supply cable. See if this works.

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