Pram Value Changed on Dynamic Call in free

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I am testing a concept in my free program called as external program. I am testing PARMS that has two fields defined as 2S 0. I assigned a value for these two fields as 00 and 01 on the time of the call of testing. By debugging, the value of these two variables has changed when searching on the entry list of my program. I tried the call with and without using the CONST keyword. How did it happen?

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Pram Value Changed on Dynamic Call in free


I don't know the entry level of your program so I might not be able to tackle down the exact problem. However perform the following steps in order to achieve something.

  1. First see how many line of codes are there in your program.
  2. See which one of them has a condition in them, any sort of condition.
  3. But a break point on each condition. The reason to do this is because when we put a break point, the program stops there on the runtime.
  4. Do this break point for each condition separately. As soon as your value gets changed after a condition, then here it is your problem. The condition is changing your values of the fields.
  5. Either remove the condition or change it so that it won't effect the values of the fields that you are using.

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