Possibilities of moving installed Windows to another PC

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I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a PC but now I want to use it on another PC.  Is it possible to move it?

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Possibilities of moving installed Windows to another PC



I think it is not possible to move installed windows 7 ultimate to other pc. It is quite possible. To do so you need to use utility tools just like System Preparation Tool (sysprep). You can use it to participated installed windows 7 to a new computer.

With sysprep tool you can move user profiles, settings, application etc. you can use all application in new pc without reinstalling them. You only need to install major hardware those are mostly necessary to run windows properly.

It is easy to work with sysprep. But do not forget to create a backup system image before continue this work.

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Possibilities of moving installed Windows to another PC


Hello Dolan Lawrence,

It is not possible for you to move an operating system that you have just installed on one system and the paste it another computer and expect it work. You will have to install the operating system on the other computer that you have just the way you did on the computer that has the operating system right now.

You need to check the system specifications of the other PC and see whether it supports windows 7, if it does not then you will have to get the right operating system that can work with it.

Something else to consider is if the operating system CD that you used to install on the one computer can be used for installing on other machines or it was meant to be installed on one machine only.

So just check things like those but the important thing to know here is that you will need to install the OS on the other PC too, and not copying the OS and pasting to it.



Clair Charles


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