Insert Option of the CD/DVD Drive

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I have a question on CD-ROM drive. I know that when we right click on CD/DVD drive in the My Computer Window, there is an option called 'EJECT' using which the CD-ROM opens up the tray.

I want to ask you if there is any way through which 'INSERT' option can also be added so that the tray automatically goes in and we don't need to press the button or the tray of the CD/DVD drive.


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Insert Option of the CD/DVD Drive


The easiest way to add Insert CD/DVD-ROM is: At first download cdeject.dll and copy to your windows drive C:Windows/system32.

Next download the following registry key, double click it and it will be added to your registry.

Insert Content Item in CD-ROM Registry

Now right click your CD/DVD-ROM drive and enjoy the insert and eject options.

Hope this works.

Works well for me.

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Insert Option of the CD/DVD Drive



I understand that you want the CD drive to close after inserting a CD or DVD without manually pressing it.

Once you insert your disc into your drive, go to my computer > right click CD/DVD drive and click on the eject button again.

If this does not work, please double click the CD drive.

The ejected tray will be then closed automatically. You don’t have to press the eject button manually.

Just in case this does not work, download the application “Disc tray” from the website.

It will surely fix the issue.


Skarbos Jay.

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