Playback Action Failed on Testing WPF App

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I am attempting to do manual testing on my WPF app. So I made some test case and then launch the exe file. I entered the username and password and then hit the logon button. The recording went successfully. But when trying to playback, I got an error as shown below. I don't understand the error message and I don't know how I can fix it. Please help.

Playback Error

Playback action failed

Verify the initial state of application under test as required for playback.

Failed action: Click 'UserName text box

Error: The playback failed to find the control with the given search properties.

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Playback Action Failed on Testing WPF App


In order to ensure play back of your recorded events ensure that you reset the tested web site to its initial position to the point where you actually initiated the recording. In your case, it seems to be that you need to open the log in screen afresh before providing username or password. The error simply states that it is unable to find the user name text box in its first attempt. This is probably because you have perhaps already logged in and the text box is no longer visible.

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