The Play Station 2 Game Console And It’s Five Best Feature

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What are the five best features ever that can be said of the Play Station 2 game console? What are the reasons that can attest to the fact that it is the best ever feature ever to be introduced into video games as at its introduction? Ivan Brown is my name. Thank you.

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The Play Station 2 Game Console And It’s Five Best Feature


Hello Juan!

Having all the latest advancements in technology, I still find it very interesting go back and review old technologies that made great impact in our history. PlayStation 2 is one the best ever gaming consoles I found and to tell you that I am still using it.

1. The best advancement in technology is the benefit of being light and easy to carry and can be transferred to any location.

2. You can select any game and information from the internet. It depicts creativity and enhancement features that any other gaming consoles.

3. Vibration function gives more entice to any game players. It will make you feel that you are really rattled in different games, suspense and thriller games like playing Silent Hill, Siren and many more.

4. Introduction to USB 2.0. Though this functionality is not fully working or capable to any external memory, this became the mile-leap of USB consoles in technology.

5. It includes also DVD and CD playback options. PlayStation 2 is also covered with different gaming cheats and it’s like a console that if you cannot make it to the top you can simply Google how to resolve your mission. Memory Cards can also help store saved games.

These are the top 5 best features of PlayStation 2 for me.

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